Final Project
Independent Novel

Literary Portfolio

DUE: Monday, January 3, 2010

To synthesize knowledge of one work of literature by creating a portfolio of supplementary documents of a variety of media types to illustrate the development of character and/or themes in the novel. This project will demonstrate a cumulative understanding of the literary elements we have studied this year.

Create a portfolio of THREE documents/alternate forms of media that together express the spirit of a character and/or the author. Present this portfolio in an oral presentation to the class.

Your oral presentation must demonstrate an understanding of the text and your portfolio by connecting your item to the text and explaining the significance. (I.e. this is representative of character A because…)

You have received and must independently complete a study guide for your novel.

You will have an online discussion requirement for this assignment. In class meeting times are Wednesday, December 15th and 22nd.

After your presentations you will be meeting in small groups to discuss/review your study guides. You will also be completing one final task to demonstrate an analytical understanding of the reading.

Choose from the following list of suggestions OR CREATE YOUR OWN! If you create your own, please have approved by Ms. Cafarelli at some point in the project. Please choose THREE different types. (Not three posters or three paintings, etc. . .)

· Find a song of the time period (with lyrics and sound) that the main character or author would have listened to. Explain why he/she would have liked the song (link to theme). (Be sure you bring your own “boom box” or check with Mrs. Evans in advance.)

· Find a painting or other art form (poster? Photography?) that the character or author would have owned/seen that expresses his/her spirit or the theme of the novel. Explain why.

· Objects that the character might have owned or been familiar with. *You can “invent” these objects if you don’t have them at home. Provide an explanation of how they are important to the story.

· A clip from a longer film that expresses the theme of the novel or the spirit of the character and a written explanation why. (I will have a TV with a VCR and DVD player available—please be sure you have it set to the right place in advance.)

· A news story from the time period to which the character might have reacted strongly and explain why.

· Write an imaginary letter from one character to another commenting on an event in the novel or real world events. Be sure to link to theme.

· Create a diary entry that would express thoughts on a particular event in the novel.

· If appropriate to the time period, incorporate TV or radio. (I can get a laptop for you to go to a specific link, but I will need to know in advance.)

· Provide maps of the author’s life or character’s life that would be appropriate to a location in the novel.

· Research an economic or historical aspect of the novel that would enhance the understanding of the novel/character and report on it.

· Read a poem that might have been part of the character’s life or write something he/she might have expressed.

· Find a magazine cover or create one that might express the news and ideas of the day.

· Read another short work (an essay, poem or short story) by the author and explain how it continues his/her themes.

· View a film of one of the author’s works. Show a clip in class and explain its relationship to the novels or characters we have studied. (I will have a TV

· Create a pamphlet for a place the character might have visited.

RUBRIC: Total Points Possible—

25 points for each artifact (Total 75)
v Clearly shows a connection to the novel.
v Authenticity
v Leads to a greater understanding of the spirit of the author, novel or character.
v Includes a written response explaining its significance.

25 points for Oral Presentation
v Student is serious
v Total presentation 5 – 8 minutes.
v Includes at least two creative forms of audio/visuals.