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Pride and Prejudice

By: Jane Austen

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The Bennett family whom lives in Hartfordshire, England consists of 5 girls, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, and Lydia, who are looking for wealthy handsome bachelors to be married off too. When a wealthy young man, Mr. Bingley, moves down the street the Bennett’s immediately become interested in meeting him. Upon his acquaintance he also has a friend, Mr. Darcy, who is wealthy as well and looking for a wife. Jane becomes interested in Mr. Bingley and his friend, Mr. Darcy, quickly becomes interested in Elizabeth; but, Elizabeth is not interested in him at all! Darcy tries to win Elizabeth’s love by showing he is not the man who he appears to be until she meets Mr. Wickham. She quickly shows interest in him and he is interested in her but, the Bennets not being wealthy as most familys, he moves on to another woman of higher social class. Wickham decides he doesn’t actually like the other woman and leaves her but does not go back to Elizabeth. While Jane and Bingley are in love but neither admits it, Bingley decides to go back to his home and leave Jane without reason. All Jane had was a letter from Bingleys sister saying that he has no intensions of coming back. Jane is very upset and doesn’t understand what she did wrong. Elizabeth learns from Colonel Forester that it was Darcys fault Bingley left. Darcy then purposes and Elizabeth turns him down because she doesn’t think he is a good man. When Darcy then writes Elizabeth she changes her mind on him and decides that maybe he is not that horrible of a person. She tours his home thinking he is away until he appears and shows still same feelings for Elizabeth. Lydia and Mr. Wickham run away together, Lydia thinks they will get married but Wickham has other plans in mind. He thinks he will not marry Lydia and go off and will only marry her for a fee. Darcy secretly pays him and Lydia and Wickham become happily married. When Elizabeth finds out of Darcys deed she knows for she he is not the man she thought he was and they become wed. Bingley realizes his true feelings for Jane and decides he wants to marry her and they become happily married.

Why should you read "Pride and Prejudice"?

Pride and Prejudice is one of the first published novels in English literature. It has an interesting plot as you read the story and the themes are love, marriage, and wealth, which is relevant in our own time. This makes the novel very easy to relate to.


Growing up in the same time period as the book "Pride and Prejudice" takes place in, Jane Austen was able to describe the ways of love and marriage during that time period perfectly in this novel. She was able to create the and give the reader a clear understanding of how the rules of love and engagement worked back in the 18th century.

18th Century Marriage

Artifact 1:
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this picture is of an 1800's wedding certificate. When most people got married during the 1800's they would be given one of these (filled out of course).
Artifact 2:"To be fond of dancing was a certain step toward falling in love" J. Austen.
Thise quote is important to the time period because back then dances were very very important because they were how young people got together.
Artifact 3:
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Artifact 4:
“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” (pg5).

The first sentence of the novel tells the importance of marriage in the time period. This sentence suggests that the purpose of marriage was to increase the characters social and financial ranking. The quote does not mention love yet it gives the feeling to the readers that the purpose of marriage is to create security during this time.

Artifact 5:

This chart shows the class orders from upper class to the lowest or seventh class. In the 1800's it would be considered wrong to marry lower than your social status. It would cause embarrassment to your families name and people would look down on you. When women would marry men of higher class it would bring their social status up but if men married lower it was considered wrong.

Artifact 6:

In the 18th century this is what the men and women would get married in. The suit and dress is more elaborate than the todays wedding attire (plain black suit and white dress). The more elborate the patterns and designs the more money is showed you had.

Artifact 7:

external image stcm0818a1.jpgexternal image contre2.jpg

Manor homes, much like the one above, are what wealthier families of the time period would live in. Houses like these would also contain rooms big enough to hold a ball in. Ball rooms would be built longer than wider so couples could have more room to dance without interferring with other couples dancing.

Artifact 8:

external image 054_l.jpg

During the 1800s, balls were a very important event of the time period. Dancing was entertainment to the people of the time, and balls were good for socializing, gossiping, and for younger men and women to meet. In the first ball of our novel, Jane Bennet met Mr. Darcy which led to a future marriage.

Artifact 9:
external image 7528380_01.jpg

Music was a big part of the 1800s. Every piece of music at a ball had a coreographed dance to go along with it.


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Independent Artifacts:

Artifact 1:
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Artifact 2:
Moonlight Sonata- Ludwig von Beethoven

Artifact 3:
pearl_necklace.jpg pearl necklace